Mar 2, 2014

Beauty: My top 4 hair products!

As a woman and as a dancer I love taking great care of my skin, body and hair. If you have long hair, like me, you know it is NOT an easy task to keep HEALTHY long hair.

I have been asked around several times what hair products do I use and so I decided to share with you the ones I love the most! 

1.  VIBRANT SHINE (Styling Spray), Suave Professionals

When do I use it?       In the mornings

How to use it?           I spray it to my hair from the middle to the ends (not the roots!)

My experience          I ABSOLUTELY love this one. It gives my hair vitality! The shine is very natural, and the scent is very soft and nice.I don't use it more than once a day to avoid an oily look.

2.  WONDER WAVES (Styling Spray), Garnier Fructis

When do I use it?      After showering, once my hair has dried (either before sleeping, or in the mornings)

How to use it?          The instructions suggest to just spray it on your hair like any other styling spray, but this is how I prefer to use it. Once my hair is dry, I spray it once (from the middle to the ends), and then I put my hair in a bun, or in a pony tail. I leave it like that either over night, or for at least 40 minutes-1 hour in the mornings. After that, whenever you put your hair down, you will notice how wavy it looks!

My experience         It's an EXCELLENT product. It completely enhances my natural hair waves. I use it at a regular basis! It doesn't add shine like number 1 above does, but definitely helps to give great shape.

3. ULTRA GLOSS (Styling Spray), Professional

When do I use it?      After using a hair straightener or curling iron only.

How to use it?          I spray it from at least 20 cm apart, and mainly from the middle to the ends.

My experience         It adds beautiful shine to the hair! The scent is very nice and soft as well. I use it only when I have used a straightener or curling iron. Don't over spray it to avoid an oily look.

4. THERMAL CREATIONS (Heat Protective Spray), TRESemmé

How to use it?         Spray on your hair right before using any hair tool (avoid roots!)

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray
When do I use it?     Before using a straightener, curling iron or hair dryer

My experience         There are many great heat protective sprays out there, but I particularly like this one because its fragrance free and doesn't leave the hair sticky/hard. Never underestimate a protective spray! It will definitely make a difference over time, regardless you use any hair tool at a constant basis or not.

PS. I do not use any hair dye, extensions, or any permanent treatment in general. Hence, I have no idea if the results will be the similar/equal if that is your case.

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